Our Partners

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Our partners are at the very core of our business

One of our goals is not only to provide our partners and customers with the best service in the industry but to support their ongoing success through our unrivalled offerings. Our relationships with our partners have helped us build and maintain the success of Cellnet Group for over 30 years.


At Cellnet, our core identity is our connection to the Telco sector in Australia and New Zealand. Serving as the primary accessory provider for major Telco partners, Cellnet's extensive experience, robust category management program, and collaborative approach have led to several exclusive supplier appointments. Positioned as the quintessential gateway to Telco, Cellnet plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless connectivity within the industry.

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, with technology becoming increasingly intertwined with everyday life. This convergence has led to a seamless integration between Telco and consumer electronics, with companies leveraging their expertise across both sectors. Cellnet collaborates closely with prominent consumer electronics retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand, offering specialised category management programs to optimise accessory offerings exclusively for their stores.

Department Stores

Department stores, and their online platforms, have seen a notable expansion in recent years. Leveraging our specialised category management skills and market insights, Cellnet has fortified itself with substantial resources and knowledge in eCommerce. Presently, we assist retailers in enhancing their online presence and assist brands in navigating this landscape, including managing brand websites and regional fulfillment operations.

Business to Business

While business to business (B2B) has always been a backbone of Cellnet, recent global events have accelerated its growth. The workforce in many cases has been mobilised out of the central office into the field and home offices. Solutions to assist the continuation of business and protecting assets has never been more important. Cellnet have curated over time some of the best brands in the business when it comes to protecting technology. It is for this reason that we are a trusted partner to countless solution providers in this important sector.


Being an accessory expert Cellnet has always been a natural choice for the convenience sector when it comes to tech. We have a long history working with partners from supply through to developing partner brands.